Things to know about sheep

Can sheep feel cold?


No. Well, yes. Er, wait a minute! There are sheep living in cold climates, and there are sheep living in tropical climates, and each race of sheep is adapted perfectly to its respective habitate. In all these cases, you may assume that sheep don't feel cold.
Man, however, has brought sheep to climates to which they aren't adapted. If a sheep originating from a tropical area is forced to life in a Scandinavian or Canadian zoo, it isn't adapted to this climate any more.
What is more, man fleece sheep to harvest wool. Most of the time, this is done in spring when the days get warmer. However, there are shepherds which fleece their sheep in late autumn so that they need less real estate when they winter in the stable and thus more sheep can be housed in a stable of given dimensions.
In both cases, it is perfectly conceivable that sheep can feel cold.

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