Things to know about sheep

What is the purpose of ear tags?



sheep with two ear tags

Every piece of livestock has to be identifiable. Therefore, these animals carry ear tags, which can be made of metal or plastics. One of the tags carries the number of the enterprise, and the other tag carries a number specific for the given animal.
There are, however, some drawbacks with these tags. Often, sheep get stuck with their tags and try to pull their head out of the barrier (fence?) until the tags are torn out, leaving wounds in the ear and making the animal unidentifiable (as far as the tag is concerned). Furthermore, the tags must be read out manually.
These disadvantages are removed with recent advancements called RFIDs (radio frequency identification devices), which are often used in ID-cards. These devices can be implanted under the skin, can not be lost, and can be read out by computers.

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